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The way you work, live, and what you value has changed

If you are like most people today, you’re on the move. You’re changing jobs and companies more often, starting your own business, freelancing, changing your lifestyle, retiring, or taking any one of your many next steps in life. To get the most from all your next steps, you need control of your healthcare, money, lifestyle, career, and business so everything moves and changes with you.

Until now the problem has been hard – and full of hassles – for you to take control and be “self-managed”.  It’s been just as fraught with hassles for companies to adjust to your increasing movement and how you challenge traditional company programs.

Easy Next Steps is an exclusive online community that makes it easy for:

  1. You to get more control, mobility, savings and better choices when it comes to your healthcare, money, lifestyle, career and business
  2. Companies to get innovative programs, services and savings that make your company more attractive, engaging and successful with mobile, self-managed people

Now it's easy

For self-employed

Home-based, Self-employed & Freelance Business Owners

Make it easy as a business owner you can get even more savings and services when it comes to your healthcare, money, lifestyle and business. If you are:

  • Starting a business
  • Running a part-time business
  • Growing your business
  • A Sole Proprietor or incorporated

Lose the hassle most business owners have and use your business to get what you need or compliment what you have.

For individuals & families

Individuals, Couples & Families

Make it easy to get more savings and choices when it comes to taking care of your healthcare, money lifestyle and career. If you:

  • Need to take care of things yourself
  • Like your mobility and want everything to move and change with you
  • Want to compliment your benefit program from work
  • Want to make your health spending account go further
  • Are helping your aging parents

Get rid of all the hassles and make it easy to get what you need or compliment what you have

For companies

Companies with Employees

Make it easy to get innovative programs, services and savings you want to attract, engage and be successful with your diverse and increasingly mobile workforce.

  • Attract and retain the right people
  • Help your people when they retire
  • Improve your employee engagement
  • Take advantage of the "gig" economy and unavoidable workforce trends

Make your company stand out to mobile people who want to be self-managed.

Everything you need in one place

We are an exclusive on line community the brings together big name and hand-picked companies that work together to give you trusted, innovative and surprising services in one convenient place.

Take advantage of our group buying power to get savings and choices you can’t get on your own.

Watch any of the quick videos that resonate with you – or download the brochure – to see how you can make your life and business easier and better.

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We always think differently

Easy Next Steps has invested eight years researching and designing this platform with complete focus on just two things:

  1. Empowering mobile people to be self-managed
  2. Enabling companies to attract, engage and be successful with mobile self-employed people

Eight years ago we were ahead of our time but we kept our focus knowing the workforce and demographic trends would mean the way people work, live, and what they value would change; not only that but we knew that companies would need to adapt in order to succeed with mobile and self-managed people.

This all adds up to why Easy Next Steps makes a lot of sense now.

Making a difference

Making a difference

When you, your family, friends, co-workers, or company become a member of Easy Next Steps we pay it forward through our unique “Giving Back” program to help make a positive difference in the lives of those who need a helping hand. People helping people.

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