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Giving Back to Make a Difference

We are going to do a lot of good. Want to join us?

We believe it is our responsibility to use our business to help people. This means everything we do – we do to directly benefit the lives of our members and benefit the lives of people who need a helping hand.

We spent a lot of time thinking about what is the simplest and most direct way to help those who need a helping hand. Part of our inspiration came from the way TOMS Shoes makes a difference and inspires others to do the same.

  • We set aside 10% of what we make and use this money to help people
  • We engage people who have a genuine passion for helping people at the grassroots level (locally and anywhere in the world)
  • These inspirational people use the money in ways where little things make a big difference
  • We use blogs to update our members as the project moves along
  • When the project is done we find the next grassroots project

As our membership grows we look forward to:

  • Asking our members for grass root project ideas
  • Getting our members to help pick our projects
  • Having our members participate in projects