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What people are saying

My personal opinion is that Easy Next Steps (ENS) is providing a valuable solution for the employee as to what to do next when you lose your job in these tough economic times. ENS shows you the pathway to take control over your health, money, career and future opportunities. It is THE program I have found that covers all the bases in the next steps in your life. There is no other program as all-encompassing and flexible as this one for the employer and employee.

Ian (Vice President)

Helping people is part of our corporate DNA—and Easy Next Steps makes it easy for us to look after our people when they leave which feels really good. I love the idea of creating an alumni culture and using that culture to further strengthen our corporate reputation and brand.

Michael (President)

I feel that Easy Next Steps addresses 3 key areas of concern for today’s HR professionals; competing for talent, data-driven practices and transforming culture. This unique platform positions you as a company of choice, offers data analytics for recruiting and staff development and builds a culture of respect by treating exiting employees as valued alumni.

Tammie ( Director HR & People)